Cats Just Gotta’ Have Fun

Music- “Top Cat” from Feline Groovy: Songs for Swingin’ Cats by Mark Steyn. Released: 2015


Tux and Shadow, just doing their thing(s).

(all photos by Sue Jimenez)

“Heck, it’s a cat bathroom. Nobody told me I shouldn’t use toilet paper!”

“Hey, he’s my bro!”

“Maybe if we push hard enough, Shadow, we can bust out of this joint!”

“So, like, whatdy’a want?”



“I love being on top of the castle and gazing down at my cat serfdom”

“Hurry up, Shadow. I can’t hold this door open all day”

“Well, it’s a long story”

“No, Shadow, you’re wrong. The recipe calls for only 1/2 cup of tuna”

“I’m still looking for that other cookbook for cats…”

“Are you sure only Easter bunnies come in baskets?”

“Speak to me, oh great Nipper”

“I guess he’s the strong, silent type”

“Really, I didn’t do it! It was Nipper”

“I am a master of disguise”

“Well, just practicing my leg lifts, if you must know”

“Puzzled? Do I look puzzled?”

“Ah, yet another day to loll about in the sunshine”

“I’m getting ready to ambush Shadow”

“OK. I’m all packed and ready to go. Where are we going?”

“I love it when Dad reads me a bedtime story”

“I am SO good-looking!”


“Well, gee, Tux….you were hogging the whole bed so I just gave you a shove”

“C’mon in, Tux….the water’s fine”

Let sleeping cats lie.

“I know there’s a piano keyboard under here somewhere…”

“Is this focus or what?”

“Now you’ve done it, Shadow. You’ve broken the litter box”

“Wow….did you see the size of that mouse outside?”

“Do you think we’re spoiled, Tux?”

“Wow. So many cigars….so little time”

“Ooh. I just LOVE Christmas morning!”

“Tux, Mom told you NO PEEKING!”

“Well, it’s a long story”

“One day, I’ll get the hang of this contraption”