Desert Observer


Music- “What’s New Pussycat? (Main Title)” from What’s New Pussycat? by Tom Jones. Released: 2008.

All photos by Sue Jimenez unless otherwise noted


“It’s all in the eyes…”

“Any idea where the issue is on “Flora and Fauna of the High Desert?”

“I’ve looked everywhere….it’s got to be here somewhere…”

“I’m very into the desert fauna and keep a watch out for critters in the area…”

“As you can see, I’ve taken up my secondary post in order to review the previous day’s observances”

“I’m now ready to take up my watch”

“There appears to be some movement around the firethorn bushes…”

“Just as I thought! A beautiful specimen of Picoides scalaris! (for those not in the know, a Ladder-backed Woodpecker)








“I’m trying to covertly observe that Sialia mexicana out there, but I think he’s spotted me…”

“Yes, I believe it WAS a White-lined Sphinx that I saw!”

“Shadow and I confronted one of these guys some time ago, inside our house….a “vinegaroon”, which looks a lot like a scorpion…they spray acetic acid if
disturbed….glad we didn’t disturb him!” (Photo Credit:

“Bonus day! A nice Sylvilagus audubonii…and right outside the window!”

“After a quick de-briefing of the day’s observances, it’s time for kitty dinner!”

“I know this post is ALL about Tux, but I just can’t help but admiring that handsome feline reflected in the refrigerator door”