Tux and Shadow Pose (sort of) for Portraits

Several weeks ago, I was surprised to receive a package from the good folks at Chewy. com.  Inside were two beautiful hand-painted portraits of Tux and Shadow, by artist Mechelle Roskiewicz (LovedDogsArt).  They were done solely from photos I had previously sent to Chewy.com, of the cats playing with their favourite Chewy cartons.

Since Tux was “Pet of the Month” in the September, 2019 issue of “Albuquerque the Magazine”, and Shadows‘ film “Litter Must be Just Right” was included in the November, 2019 “Furry Burque Festival”, the addition of portraits to their repertoire is really going to give them swelled heads!



Tux and portrait by artist
Mechelle Roskiewicz

Shadow and portrait by artist Mechelle Roskiewicz