March 22nd is “Cuddly Kitten Day”!

Music – “I Love You Kitty Cat” from For the Kids!, Vol. 2 by David Thomas. Released: 2016.

March 22nd, 2019 is “Cuddly Kitten Day”.  Go ahead.  Cuddle one (or two).  Even better, adopt one (or two!) 



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Shadow and Tux want you to go out and cuddle a kitten on March 22nd! (Photo Credit: Sue Jimenez)

Can Cats Croon Christmas Carols?


Music – The 12 Days of Christmas” from Funny Cat: Christmas Songs by Funny Cats. Released: 2012.

Well, Christmas 2018 has come and gone at our house and Tux and Shadow are recuperating from their busy morning amid heaps of wrapping paper, a cat toy or two, and general good fun.

All photos by Sue Jimenez, 2018

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Desert Observer


Music- “What’s New Pussycat? (Main Title)” from What’s New Pussycat? by Tom Jones. Released: 2008.

All photos by Sue Jimenez unless otherwise noted


“It’s all in the eyes…”

“Any idea where the issue is on “Flora and Fauna of the High Desert?”

“I’ve looked everywhere….it’s got to be here somewhere…”

“I’m very into the desert fauna and keep a watch out for critters in the area…”

“As you can see, I’ve taken up my secondary post in order to review the previous day’s observances”

“I’m now ready to take up my watch”

“There appears to be some movement around the firethorn bushes…”

“Just as I thought! A beautiful specimen of Picoides scalaris! (for those not in the know, a Ladder-backed Woodpecker)








“I’m trying to covertly observe that Sialia mexicana out there, but I think he’s spotted me…”

“Yes, I believe it WAS a White-lined Sphinx that I saw!”

“Shadow and I confronted one of these guys some time ago, inside our house….a “vinegaroon”, which looks a lot like a scorpion…they spray acetic acid if
disturbed….glad we didn’t disturb him!” (Photo Credit:

“Bonus day! A nice Sylvilagus audubonii…and right outside the window!”

“After a quick de-briefing of the day’s observances, it’s time for kitty dinner!”

“I know this post is ALL about Tux, but I just can’t help but admiring that handsome feline reflected in the refrigerator door”

Cats Just Gotta’ Have Fun

Music- “Top Cat” from Feline Groovy: Songs for Swingin’ Cats by Mark Steyn. Released: 2015


Tux and Shadow, just doing their thing(s).

(all photos by Sue Jimenez)

“Heck, it’s a cat bathroom. Nobody told me I shouldn’t use toilet paper!”

“Hey, he’s my bro!”

“Maybe if we push hard enough, Shadow, we can bust out of this joint!”

“So, like, whatdy’a want?”



“I love being on top of the castle and gazing down at my cat serfdom”

“Hurry up, Shadow. I can’t hold this door open all day”

“Well, it’s a long story”

“No, Shadow, you’re wrong. The recipe calls for only 1/2 cup of tuna”

“I’m still looking for that other cookbook for cats…”

“Are you sure only Easter bunnies come in baskets?”

“Speak to me, oh great Nipper”

“I guess he’s the strong, silent type”

“Really, I didn’t do it! It was Nipper”

“I am a master of disguise”

“Well, just practicing my leg lifts, if you must know”

“Puzzled? Do I look puzzled?”

“Ah, yet another day to loll about in the sunshine”

“I’m getting ready to ambush Shadow”

“OK. I’m all packed and ready to go. Where are we going?”

“I love it when Dad reads me a bedtime story”

“I am SO good-looking!”


“Well, gee, Tux….you were hogging the whole bed so I just gave you a shove”

“C’mon in, Tux….the water’s fine”

Let sleeping cats lie.

“I know there’s a piano keyboard under here somewhere…”

“Is this focus or what?”

“Now you’ve done it, Shadow. You’ve broken the litter box”

“Wow….did you see the size of that mouse outside?”

“Do you think we’re spoiled, Tux?”

“Wow. So many cigars….so little time”

“Ooh. I just LOVE Christmas morning!”

“Tux, Mom told you NO PEEKING!”

“Well, it’s a long story”

“One day, I’ll get the hang of this contraption”

Warning! Guard Cats on Duty!


Music – “Cat Town Stomp” from 10 to 15 by Scott Fugate & The Swing Cats. Released: 2015

Cats are not only our beloved pets and family members, but they also serve a very useful function as household protectors.  Tux and Shadow are always on the alert to possible dangerous conditions or intruders:


“I’m checking the underside of the table for spider webs”

“Still checking…”

“OK…I got bored looking for spider webs. Give me a break!”


“This is the roll test to see how clean the carpet is…”

“Still testing the carpet…”

“After testing, I have determined that this carpet definitely needs cleaning”

“Can I have a break now?”

“No spiders here!”

“Cabinets are secure”

Shadow at his sentinel post.

“All clear here, Tux”

“It might look like I’m guarding shoes, but I’m really on the look out for intruders”

“You never know what might be lurking behind that curtain”

“Just making sure the picture quality is OK”

“Guarding the goose”

“I’m not on guard duty today….Tux is!”

“I have determined that there are no threatening toys in our supply”

“A box from an unauthorized source needs to be examined prior to opening”

“This is my evil eye look. Scares ’em every time!”

“Sound the alarm, Tux. An intruder!”

“I can look mean when I want to!”

“Alert…..this grandmother clock might be unstable!”

“This is one of the daily tests I do to determine the integrity of the house walls”

“There might be a problem with this wall. I’ll brace it up until help arrives”

“Still checking wall integrity…”

“Whew…long day of protecting….time for a cat nap!”

The Lure of the Box


Music – “Hiding in a Box” from Mood Music for Cats (And Cat Lovers) 2 by Cheryl Christine. Released: 2016

All photos by Sue Jimenez

Exactly what is it with cats and boxes? The smaller the box, the bigger the intrigue. Enjoy Tux and Shadow as they explore…

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In the Eyes of a Cat


Music – “Cat’s Eye” from Rococochet by Leah Kardos. Released: 2017

(All photos by Sue Jimenez)

The stars: Amber, Casper, Kisa, Shadow and Tux

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