Tux and Shadow and “Social Distancing”


Like everyone else, Tux and Shadow have been obeying the Governor of New Mexico’s edict to “stay home“, which is pretty much what they do anyhow, other than visits to the vet, so the impact of their mandated self-quarantine has been pretty much negligible.  On the other hand, Tux has a scheduled “curbside” visit to the vet next week, so we’ll see how that goes.  To date, I haven’t found any cat-sized masks.

While enjoying the peace and quiet of home, they’ve spent time gazing out the window at our goldfish pond, watching hummingbirds flitting around the feeders, playing with household items and generally taking very l-o-n-g catnaps.  However, they haven’t just frittered away their time, but have taken a real interest in my cookbook collection, sniffing out a couple for reading and picking out a few recipes to try.   Not having opposable thumbs, however, they find it hard to get their paws around the kitchen equipment, so guess who will be doing the cooking?


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