For the Love of Cats – The Many Moods of Tux

Tux and his brother, Shadow, reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They are brothers from the same litter, born in April, 2008 (they’re celebrating the big 10 this year!) and adopted their bipedal parents in February, 2009 from High Desert Cat Rescue.  Full of shenanigans and the warm fuzzies, this site is to amuse and delight cat-lovers.  I expect lots of “oooh”s and “aw”s from the readers.

Tux enjoys reading, mostly cookbooks, and loves watching downhill skiing and the luge in the Winter Olympics.

More to follow….in the meantime, enjoy this montage of photos of Tux I’ve taken over the years.  A very dapper fellow, indeed.


tux xmas 11tux nose xmas 2017wood-man.jpgunder chairtux 5tux-3a.jpgtux 3tigerflatteneyes 3cookbookcontortionroombaremotecastletux 1abushyprofile 4profile-3.jpg2015_0311Hummy0006pawbathroom2015_0311Hummy00052014_0726Hummy00052014_0722Hummy00252014_0722Hummy00222014_0722Hummy00172014_0613Hummy00072014_0529Hummy00022014_0525Hummy00162014_0525Hummy00092009_0303Hummy0039tux-xmas-2.jpg


(all photos by Sue Jimenez – no reproducing without permission from the author)

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