The Many Shades of Shadow

Shadow, and his brother, Tux, reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They are brothers from the same litter, born in April, 2008 (they’re celebrating the big 10 this year!) and adopted their bipedal parents in February, 2009 from High Desert Cat Rescue.  Full of shenanigans and the warm fuzzies, this site is to amuse and delight cat-lovers.  I expect lots of “oooh”s and “aw”s from the readers.

Shadow doesn’t enjoy reading as much as Tux, and is more laid back than Tux.  It is difficult to photograph him, as he is not into posing like his brother and most photos of him are washed out due to his all-black coat in the sunlight.  Unlike Tux, he’s not an avid TV watcher of the Winter Olympics.  Enjoy the many shades of Shadow…


eyesshadow for cardshadow 7shadow 6cookbook 4shadow 2shadow 1chairrelaxprofile-2.jpgboys 12014_0722Hummy0018piano2014_0528Hummy0002mirror]2014_0425Hummy0011


roomba-2.jpgthe shadowshadow xmas 6shadow xmas 5shadow xmas 4shadow-xmas-8.jpgtux and shadow


(all photos by Sue Jimenez – no reproducing without permission from the author)

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